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Policy ambassadors: human agency in the transnationalization of Brazilian social policies

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de Oliveira, Osmany Porto
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Tipo de documento: Artigo Científico
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In the past decade, Brazil became a model for social policies, `exporting' ideas and techniques to tackle issues on social participation, poverty and hunger mostly to Southern countries, but also to the Northern States. International policy diffusion is immersed in a complex web of relations established among a plethora of actors participating in various moments and spaces. How policies become models for exporting? Why Brazil was elected as a showcase for social policies? Which actors were engaged in this process? The literature presents different arguments that focus on international organizations, think-tanks, epistemic communities, private agents, networks and so on to explain how policy models travel from a place to another. In this study, the action of exporting elites and their circulation between various institutions are put under analysis to understand diffusion. We introduce in this article a new concept of `Policy Ambassador', a transnational transfer agent, to explain the diffusion of Brazilian social policy ideas and instruments in the areas of participatory democracy, fight against poverty and hunger eradication. (AU)

Processo FAPESP: 17/04818-9 - Icpp 3 - singapore 2017
Beneficiário:Osmany Porto de Oliveira
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