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Monitoring and Evaluating Eco-efficiency by Three Different Ways in a Beverage Company: A Lean-Green Approach

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Marques, Thamiris Linhares ; Giusti, Gabriela ; de Paula E Silva, Marina Hernandes ; Mendes, Juliana Veiga ; Brito de Figueiredo, Maria Clea ; Lopes Silva, Diogo Aparecido
Número total de Autores: 6
Tipo de documento: Artigo Científico
Fonte: SMART AND SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS; v. 6, n. 1, p. 23-pg., 2022-01-01.

Would it be possible to improve lean performance and at the same time minimize water scarcity footprint (WSF) impact in manufacturing? The purpose of this paper is to propose and test an integrated lean-green approach for eco-efficiency monitoring in manufacturing companies. This approach starts with the application of value stream mapping as a lean manu-facturing tool, followed by a green manufacturing perspective based on a WSF assessment. Lastly, eco-efficiency indicators were calculated based on previous steps measurements. This lean-green approach was applied in a Brazilian beverage industry. Three eco-efficiency indica-tors were simulated: (1) considering Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) divided by WSF results in the company shop floor, (2) value aggregation rate (%V/A) per WSF, and (3) pro-duction volume per WSF. The future scenario leads to an increase of 22 %, 38 %, and 2.5% in the eco-efficiency indicators based on OEE, %V/A, and product volume, respectively. Scenario 2 was the more appropriate one to be used in the company because %V/A best fits the changes suggested to improve the value stream at the company level. The suggested lean-green approach can add new knowledge to the lean-green research field, and the application of this can help other companies to improve their environmental responsibilities at business while remaining profitable. (AU)

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