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Neuronal NOS Inhibitor and Conventional Antidepressant Drugs Attenuate Stress-induced Fos Expression in Overlapping Brain Regions

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Silva, Michelle [1, 2] ; Aguiar, Daniele C. [3] ; Diniz, Cassiano R. A. [2, 1] ; Guimaraes, Francisco Silveira [2] ; Joca, Samia R. L. [1]
Número total de Autores: 5
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[1] Univ Sao Paulo, Sch Pharmaceut Sci Ribeirao Preto, Dept Chem & Phys, Pharmacol Lab, BR-14040903 Ribeirao Preto, SP - Brazil
[2] Univ Sao Paulo, Sch Med Ribeirao Preto, Dept Pharmacol, BR-14040903 Ribeirao Preto, SP - Brazil
[3] Univ Fed Minas Gerais, Inst Biol Sci, Dept Pharmacol, Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil
Número total de Afiliações: 3
Tipo de documento: Artigo Científico
Fonte: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology; v. 32, n. 3, p. 443-453, APR 2012.
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Recent evidence indicates that the administration of inhibitors of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) induces antidepressant-like effects in animal models such as the forced swimming test (FST). However, the neural circuits involved in these effects are not yet known. Therefore, this study investigated the expression of Fos protein, a marker of neuronal activity, in the brain of rats submitted to FST and treated with the preferential nNOS inhibitor, 7-nitroindazole (7-NI), or with classical antidepressant drugs (Venlafaxine and Fluoxetine). Male Wistar rats were submitted to a forced swimming pretest (PT) and, immediately after, started receiving a sequence of three ip injections (0, 5, and 23 h after PT) of Fluoxetine (10 mg/kg), Venlafaxine (10 mg/kg), 7-NI (30 mg/kg) or respective vehicles. One hour after the last drug injection the animals were submitted to the test session, when immobility time was recorded. After the FST they were sacrificed and had their brains removed and processed for Fos immunohistochemistry. Independent group of non-stressed animals received the same drug treatments, or no treatment (naive). 7-NI, Venlafaxine or Fluoxetine reduced immobility time in the FST, an antidepressant-like effect. None of the treatments induce significant changes in Fos expression per se. However, swimming stress induced significant increases in Fos expression in the following brain regions: medial prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, locus coeruleus, raphe nuclei, striatum, hypothalamic nucleus, periaqueductal grey, amygdala, habenula, paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus, and bed nucleus of stria terminalis. This effect was attenuated by 7-NI, Venlafaxine or Fluoxetine. These results show that 7-NI produces similar behavioral and neuronal activation effects to those of typical antidepressants, suggesting that these drugs share common neurobiological substrates. (AU)

Processo FAPESP: 07/03685-3 - Neurotransmissores típicos e atípicos em transtornos neuropsiquiátricos
Beneficiário:Francisco Silveira Guimaraes
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