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Can morphine interfere in the healing process during chronic stress?

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Egydio, F. [1] ; Ruiz, F. S. [1] ; Tomimori, J. [2] ; Tufik, S. [1] ; Andersen, Monica Levy [1]
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[1] Univ Fed Sao Paulo UNIFESP, Dept Psicobiol, BR-04024002 Sao Paulo - Brazil
[2] Univ Fed Sao Paulo UNIFESP, Dept Dermatol, BR-04024002 Sao Paulo - Brazil
Número total de Afiliações: 2
Tipo de documento: Artigo de Revisão
Fonte: ARCHIVES OF DERMATOLOGICAL RESEARCH; v. 304, n. 6, p. 413-420, AUG 2012.
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Technological advances, constant pressure, increased qualified demand, and other daily activities present in modern society result in increasingly stressful living conditions for the population. In the short term, the release of stress-related hormones can play a key role in the survival of an organism. However, it is well known that chronic exposure to cortisol can lead to many adverse effects. Several findings show immunological changes in response to chronic exposure to cortisol, in particular in skin integrity, which may interfere with the healing process. Morphine is an immunosuppressive drug, and when it is used chronically, it can lead to an increased incidence of infections and a delay in the healing process. The importance of opiates as analgesics in the medical setting is indisputable. However, there are a limited number of studies in this field. These investigations can provide further understanding of the mechanisms involved in the healing process in morphine-dependent individuals under chronic stress, which is a common condition in modern society. Furthermore, medical prescriptions of opiates are common among terminal patients, who frequently develop decubitus ulcers and bacterial infections. This review is aimed to provide a concise analysis of effects of morphine and stress on the healing process. (AU)

Processo FAPESP: 98/14303-3 - Center for Sleep Studies
Beneficiário:Sergio Tufik
Linha de fomento: Auxílio à Pesquisa - Centros de Pesquisa, Inovação e Difusão - CEPIDs
Processo FAPESP: 07/55445-6 - Sono e imunidade: evidências em voluntários saudáveis e em modelo animal de transplante de pele
Beneficiário:Francieli Ruiz da Silva
Linha de fomento: Bolsas no Brasil - Doutorado Direto