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Studies on the activation mechanisms of MMP-2 and ADAM17:

identification of regulatory proteins, oxidant production pathways, epigenetics and proteolytic targets

Influence of grinding parameters in the manufacturing of cemented tungsten carbide inserts on their performance in turning of a titanium alloy

Sex and B chromosome enigmas:

model systems for the study of chromosome and genome evolution

Establishment of an experimental apparatus to study dipolar quantum gases

Biorefinery development integrated to a bioethanol sugar cane plant with zero CO2 emission:

routes to convert renewable resources to bio-products and bio-electricity

Cancer gene therapy:

strategic positioning for translational studies

Native American genome diversity

Cutting, packing, lot-sizing, scheduling, routing and location problems and their integration in industrial and logistics settings

Systematic measurements of electron and proton multiple scattering with energies up to 5 MEV

Investigation of the pathophysiological aspects and novel therapeutic approaches for thromboembolic disorders

Trypanosoma cruzi:

intra and interspecific genomic variability and mechanisms of cell invasion/egress

Unraveling mechanisms of glycemic control and chronic complications of Diabetes Mellitus:

contributions to human health

Holobiome of the marine sponges, effects of the climate changes and biotechnological potentials:

a holistic and multidisciplinary approach

Molecular bases of renal tubular function and dysfunction

Algebraic, geometric and diferential topology

Biomechanical modelling and clinical assessment data gathering with technological innovations towards movement restoration and sports performance for people with disabilities

Action of valproic acid on chromatin structure and function

Development and evaluation process of a prevention program on running-related injuries

Impact of metabolizable protein in the production of beef cattle and emission of greenhouse gases