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Improving nitrogen use efficiency in sugarcane using remote sensing data linked to crop modeling and yield mapping technologies

Mining, Indexing and Visualizing Big Data in clinical decision support systems (MIVisBD)

Multimode couplers for integrated photonics

Gastric cancer molecular and functional approaches in the Brazilian population

CAMeLEOm: cross-species analysis of metabolic, lifespan effects and omics of dietary restriction mimetics

Hadronic physics in high energy nuclear collisions

INCT 2014: INCT for climate change

INCT 2014: National Institute of Science and Technology of bioethanol

INCT 2014: in functional complex materials

INCT 2014: for the biorational control of pest-insect and phytopathogens

INCT 2014: from the internet of the future

INCT 2014: in Photonics Applied to Cell Biology

INCT 2014: Rare-Earth Magnets Processing and Application for High-tech Industry

INCT 2014: on oncogenomics and therapeutic inovations

INCT 2014: in stem cell and cell therapy

The Rio de La Plata Craton and the Western Gondwana Assembly

Seascape genetics and evaluation of expression profiles on marine invertebrates on Brazilian Southeast coast

Longitudinal study of the Campinas and Ermelino Matarazzo cohorts of the FIBRA study: predictors and outcomes of frailty among the elderly in Brazil

Proteomic as a tool to understand HDL function and composition

Phase change heat transfer processes of high performance applied to solar energy recovery

Drug-resistant epilepsies: diagnostic challenges, associated comorbidities and new experimental approaches

Development of a genomic database for Nellore cattle and computational tools for implementing large-scale studies

Genetic and epidemiological study of hip and knee osteoarthritis

Diversity and evolution of Gymnotiformes (Teleostei, Ostariophysi)

Identification and functional characterization of protein bound to NCoR1 complex and associated with molecular control of mitochondrial biogenesis process

Phosphorus use efficiency in Eucalyptus and the physiological and genetic mechanisms involved

Novel aging: technologies and solutions to manufacture novel dairy products for healthy aging

Nutrition and cancer: study of molecular, proteomic and metabolomic aspects of experimental model of Cachexia

Mitochondrial DNA: mechanisms for genome integrity maintenance and impact on disease

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