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Workshop on Process for Ethanol Production

Processo: 09/10329-4
Modalidade de apoio:Auxílio à Pesquisa - Organização de Reunião Científica
Vigência: 10 de setembro de 2009 - 10 de setembro de 2009
Área do conhecimento:Engenharias - Engenharia Química - Operações Industriais e Equipamentos para Engenharia Química
Pesquisador responsável:Rubens Maciel Filho
Beneficiário:Rubens Maciel Filho
Instituição Sede: Faculdade de Engenharia Química (FEQ). Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Campinas , SP, Brasil
Assunto(s):Bioetanol  Biocombustíveis  Processos de separação  Fermentação  Cana-de-açúcar 
Palavra(s)-Chave do Pesquisador:Bioethanol production | Bioufuels | Fermentation | Second Generation Bioethanol Process | Separation and Distillation Process | Sugar Cane Industries | Engenharia Química


The workshop on Process for Ethanol Production has as objective to discuss the state of art and advances in ethanol/biofuels production process.The event will take place in Fapesp auditorium on September 10th 2009 from 9:00 hs to 17:00 hs with one coffe-breake in the morning and other in the afternoon in the end of the section. One and half hour is reserved to lunch. All the financial support for inviter speakers from Universities from abroad, simultaneous translation and talk material, support services (sound, working sheets etc) are responsibility of the workshop organization (Bioen-Fapesp). The event is organized to be attended to professionals of the sector, graduate students and people from academia. The event is completely free of any payment.Each talk should be given in 25 minutes and the invited companies are Petrobras, Grupo COSAN (the largest Brazilian distillers group) CTC (Center for Sugar Cane Technologies - covering more than 200 Brazilian Distillers), SIEMENS, Dedini Industries (the largest Brazilian company dedicated to ethanol and sugar process equipments). Researchers from top Brazilian Universities and invited Professors from abroad will complete the speakers group together with researches from Brazilian Center for Ethanol Technology (CTBE). The Keynote lecture will be of 45 minutes with 15 minutes of questions by the audience. After each talk the floor will open for 5 minutes of questions. The list of invited Companies, Universities and speaker is:Opening Section: -Dr Rubens Maciel Filho -BIOEN Coordinator - Process Eginnering- Dr Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz- Scientific Director of FAPESPKeynote Speaker:- Dr. Lee Lynd. Associate Professor -Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth-USA. 10 mores Speakers will deliver their talk as mentioned in the detailed program. (AU)

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