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Document type:Patente
Inventor(s): Kleber Gomes Franchini; Mario Jose Abdalla Saad; Roberto Rittner Neto; Rodrigo Miguel Marin; Aparecida Silvana Rocco
Applicant: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)
Deposit date: October 2004, 07
INPI register:
US11/515,514 - INPI Search
IPC: A61K31/517 C07D239/94
Patente licenciada para a empresa: Cristália Produtos Químicos e Farmacêuticos Ltda

The present invention introduces compounds that are adenosine-kinase inhibitors. We provide a process of protecting tissues and organs like heart, brain and kidneys affected by ischemia, and of treating heart insufficiency, myocardium infarct, arrhythmia, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary artery re-stenosis after angioplasty, chronic renal insufficiency, cerebral vascular accident, and chronic inflammatory diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis). We also provide the adenosine-kinase inhibitor effect of compounds derived from quinazolines, which were previously known as reversible inhibitors of tyrosine-kinases from the family of epidermic growth factor receptors (EGFR).

FAPESP's process: 01/11698-1 - Signaling Mechanisms Induced by Mechanical Overload: Role in Myocardial Hypertrophy and Remodeling
Grantee:Kleber Gomes Franchini
Principal Investigator:Kleber Gomes Franchini
Institution: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (FCM)
Support type: Research Projects - Thematic Grants