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Network for nano-optics and nano-electronics

Processo: 12/51415-3
Modalidade de apoio:Auxílio à Pesquisa - Regular
Vigência: 01 de fevereiro de 2013 - 31 de janeiro de 2015
Área do conhecimento:Ciências Exatas e da Terra - Física - Física da Matéria Condensada
Convênio/Acordo: BAYLAT/StMBW - Bavarian Academic Center for Latin America and Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts
Pesquisador responsável:Victor Lopez Richard
Beneficiário:Victor Lopez Richard
Pesq. responsável no exterior: Lukas Worschech
Instituição no exterior: Universität Würzburg, Alemanha
Instituição Sede: Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET). Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCAR). São Carlos , SP, Brasil
Assunto(s):Estrutura eletrônica 
Palavra(s)-Chave do Pesquisador:Electro Luminescence | Electronic Structure | Resonant Tunelling Device | Transport Properties


In the project 2012/02655-1, we propose a systematic study of the physical properties of novel low dimensional electro-optical semiconductor nanostructures operating at the quantum level. The combination of both, a strong experimental and theoretical expertise by the project partners, offers the possibility for a roadmap strategy starting from basic fundamental properties of quantum transport phenomena of these structures towards the realization and applications of nano-scaled devices. The project relays on the strong collaboration between experimental growth, electro-optical spectroscopy and theoretical groups with an expertise on the fabrication and modeling of low dimensional structures and devices. The project aims at consolidating the nucleation and leadership in this key scientific and technology area through collaborative research. For that purpose two main devices will be investigated. The theoretical and experimental endeavors include the study of electro-optical transport phenomena of resonant tunneling devices (RTDs) as light sensitive photo-detectors and light emitting diodes as well as low dimensional ballistic electron waveguides integrated with site controlled quantum dots (QDs) as state dependent information transmission and storage devices. Different geometries, layouts and material compositions will be studied by means of optical and electronic spectroscopy techniques. A main focus will be the study of correlation conditions on the device performance to enhance, under certain circumstances, optical and electronic effects. Challenging experimental questions are already placed on the agenda of this research where preliminary outcomes show interesting effects of confinement and topology of the strain fields inherent in the growth process of these structures. In recent years, coordinated common strategies have been established by the group at the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar) and the group of Technical Physics at Würzburg University, Germany (TPUW) to tackle these problems. The network of our complementary expertise has been already proven to essentially push forward research in our already published papers. Such an exchange has been systematically supported by FAPESP with periodic scientific missions of members of the Brazilian team at the TPUW through the grants: 2009/06180-5, 2010/18084-8, 2012/02655-1 (coordinated by Prof. Victor Lopez Richard) and 2012/08304-6 (coordinated by Prof. Leonardo Kleber Castelano). (AU)

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(Referências obtidas automaticamente do Web of Science e do SciELO, por meio da informação sobre o financiamento pela FAPESP e o número do processo correspondente, incluída na publicação pelos autores)
PFENNING, ANDREAS; HARTMANN, FABIAN; SOUSA DIAS, MARIAMA REBELLO; CASTELANO, LEONARDO KLEBER; SUESSMEIER, CHRISTOPH; LANGER, FABIAN; HOEFLING, SVEN; KAMP, MARTIN; MARQUES, GILMER EUGENIO; WORSCHECH, LUKAS; et al. Nanothermometer Based on Resonant Tunneling Diodes: From Cryogenic to Room Temperatures. ACS NANO, v. 9, n. 6, p. 6271-6277, . (13/24253-5, 12/13052-6, 12/51415-3)
HARTMANN, F.; MAIER, P.; REBELLO SOUSA DIAS, M.; GOEPFERT, S.; CASTELANO, L. K.; EMMERLING, M.; SCHNEIDER, C.; HOEFLING, S.; KAMP, M.; PERSHIN, Y. V.; et al. Nanoscale Tipping Bucket Effect in a Quantum Dot Transistor-Based Counter. Nano Letters, v. 17, n. 4, p. 2273-2279, . (14/02112-3, 12/13052-6, 12/51415-3)
PFENNING, ANDREAS; HARTMANN, FABIAN; DIAS, MARIAMA REBELLO SOUSA; LANGER, FABIAN; KAMP, MARTIN; CASTELANO, LEONARDO KLEBER; LOPEZ-RICHARD, VICTOR; MARQUES, GILMAR EUGENIO; HOEFLING, SVEN; WORSCHECH, LUKAS. Photocurrent-voltage relation of resonant tunneling diode photodetectors. Applied Physics Letters, v. 107, n. 8, . (12/13052-6, 12/51415-3)

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