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Minimum deviation zone of parametric sculpture surfaces in automotive body manufacturing


Application of free-form surfaces in automotive body significantly increases due to the more advanced aesthetic design of the structure, the need for enhancing the strength and stiffness of the body surfaces for local and normal loads. Coordinate metrology plays an important role to assure the geometric and dimensional accuracies in these manufacturing processes. However, the computation uncertainties in today's coordinate metrology systems are too significant which effects the reliability in measurement of sculptured surfaces used in auto-body. These measurement uncertainties cause significant loss for automotive industries due to the high probability of accepting wrong manufactured surface or rejecting the acceptable ones. The objective of this proposal is to enhance the coordinate metrology of the sculptured surfaces by developing a new algorithmic approach in fitting the best substitute geometry to the best selection of the discrete measurement three dimensional date. Implementation of a customized optimization procedure will be the approach to solve the problem. This process need to be developed based on the nature of the geometric deviation error function and it should be able to dynamically avoid the probability of getting trapped in local minima. (AU)