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4th summer school on intelligent signal processing for frontier research and industry (INFIERI-2016)

Processo: 16/21133-7
Linha de fomento:Auxílio à Pesquisa - Organização de Reunião Científica
Vigência: 01 de novembro de 2016 - 01 de maio de 2017
Área do conhecimento:Interdisciplinar
Pesquisador responsável:Alexandre Alarcon Do Passo Suaide
Beneficiário:Alexandre Alarcon Do Passo Suaide
Instituição-sede: Instituto de Física (IF). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Paulo , SP, Brasil
Assunto(s):Nanotecnologia  Computação paralela 


The focus of the School is on the most advanced technologies in the fields of semiconductors, very deep sub-micron and 3D technologies, nanotechnology, advanced packaging and interconnects, telecommunications, real-time signal processing, filtering and massively parallel computing and on the Physics motivations that require confronting these technological challenges for building the needed new instruments. These Physics motivations are reviewed both in dedicated lectures as well as in all the more technology-based lectures. The school will provide lectures and Lab work in a variety of cross-disciplinary example applications drawn from the exploration of the distant Universe, through Medical imaging of the human body, to exploration of the elementary particle world. Lectures on technical developments and science overviews will be given by experts from Academia and Industry, alongside with hands-on Lab sessions with demonstrators and subject specific master-classes on science & technology. The morning sessions will be dedicated to the lectures and the afternoon sessions will be devoted to the Lab sessions held in the USP Campus at the IAG, IF, IME Institutes and the Polytechnic School. The end of the afternoon is devoted to science and/or technology overview lectures. Attendants are expected to provide a poster that will be exposed during the full duration of the School. The last day a session will be dedicated to the presentation of posters by each of the attendants. The posters will be as well included in the School website at the end of the School. Note that some of the Lectures will be opened to a larger audience. All the lectures will be recorded on YOUTUBE if agreed by the lecturer. (AU)