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Imaging of nano-crystals: theoretical modeling and experimental investigation

Processo: 09/53150-4
Linha de fomento:Bolsas no Exterior - Pesquisa
Vigência (Início): 01 de março de 2010
Vigência (Término): 31 de agosto de 2010
Área do conhecimento:Ciências Exatas e da Terra - Física
Pesquisador responsável:Antonio Rubens Britto de Castro
Beneficiário:Antonio Rubens Britto de Castro
Anfitrião: Thomas Moller
Instituição-sede: Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin (IFGW). Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Campinas , SP, Brasil
Local de pesquisa: Technical University of Berlin (TU), Alemanha  
Assunto(s):Dispersão da luz   Raios X   Laser


We are concerned with the description of imaging experiments using light scattering from a single femtosecond X-ray laser pulse incident on a single nanocrystal (or set of a few single nanocrystals). Following our successful discussion and application of the scalar scattering model for arbitrary tenuous scatterers, we want to explore vector models for situations of non-uniform non-tenuous scatterers of non-spherical shape, which depart little and not so little from uniform and spherical. We will consider (a) solutions of the 3-dim Helmholtz equation in spheroidal coordinates, (b) techniques of vector diffraction theory, (c) perturbations of the exact Mie theory. In these macroscopic electro-dynamical calculations the complex refractive index n is taken as given. However, it depends on the electron density and the energy band structure of the atoms in the nanocrystal, which will be changing during the X-ray pulse. The recorded scattering image represents therefore some time average of evolving cross-sections, which depend on time-changing optical functions. We intend to make simple estimates of these time-dependent optical functions. Experimental data are obtained at the X-ray free-electron-laser in Hamburg. (AU)

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