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Cell lineage analysis of mirror-image morphs in Lymnaea stagnalis L.

Processo: 07/59097-2
Linha de fomento:Bolsas no Exterior - Pesquisa
Vigência (Início): 01 de abril de 2008
Vigência (Término): 31 de maio de 2008
Área do conhecimento:Ciências Biológicas - Morfologia - Embriologia
Pesquisador responsável:Toshie Kawano
Beneficiário:Toshie Kawano
Anfitrião: Takahiro Asami
Instituição-sede: Instituto Butantan. Secretaria da Saúde (São Paulo - Estado). São Paulo , SP, Brasil
Local de pesquisa : Shinshu University, Japão  
Assunto(s):Lymnaea stagnalis   Morfogênese   Linhagem celular


Cell lineages of two morphs of Lymnaea stagnalis will be analyzed to test whether the reversal of left-right polarity by itself alters later morphogenesis. In Lymnaea stagnalis, the dextral morph is the wild type, and the sinistral morph is a genetic mutant. It has been observed that the mortality of sinistrals is higher than that of dextrals even though they share the same genomic background from the same parents. It indicates that sinistrals suffer anomalous development because of the polarity reversal but not of genetic differences. Sinistrai malformations are evident at the trochophore and veliger stages when observed by stereomicroscopy. The method of silver-nitrate staining will be used to follow the cell lineages. Our results will determine how the process of malformation starts at the early stages of development… (AU)