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Oficina prática com o WinBugs para Modelagem e Síntese de Comparações Indiretas, bem como adaptar modelos hierárquicos simples


Primeiro DiaA. Introduction to pairwise & network meta-analysis1. Development of the core models: meta-analysis of binomial dataI. Fixed and random effects: model criticism2. Extension to indirect comparisons and network meta-analysisI. Rate dataII. Continuous data including treatment differences and standardised mean differencesIII. Ordered categorical data3. Bayesian approaches in the context of decision makingI. The decision-making context and methodology for evidence synthesisII. Comparator sets for decision and for synthesisIII. Dealing with disconnected networks (extension of the synthesis comparator set)Segundo DiaB. An overview of meta-regression1. Measures of heterogeneity2. Subgroups, meta-regression and adjusting for baseline riskI. Subgroups in a pair-wise meta-analysisII. Meta-regression with a continuous covariate3. Bias and bias-adjustmentI. Estimation and adjustment for bias in networks of trialsC. Inconsistency1. Heterogeneity versus inconsistency2. Network structure: loops, multi-arm trials, and the number of inconsistenciesI. Bucher approachII. Networks with independent tests for inconsistency3. Inconsistency models4. Overview of other methods to detect inconsistency (with references)I. node-splitII. inconsistency factors5. Measures to avoid inconsistency and heterogeneity (AU)