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Ecological and genetic processes that affect Copaifera langsdorffii remnant populations in the Atlantic Forest


We propose a scientific exchange of forest-based researchers between the Federal University of São Paulo (UFSCAR) and the University of Florida (UF). Exchange activities proposed are related to the ongoing FAPESP Project entitled “Genetic connectivity of the tree Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. in small forest fragments in Sorocaba-SP, Brasil”. This ongoing Project seeks to understand the ecological and genetic processes that affect remnant population ecology in Atlantic Forests fragments. This exchange will improve our understanding of population ecology in Brazilian forests and improve the quality of the specific proposed research and publications. Specific research gains include: i) Improvements in the statistical and molecular analyses of ecological data; ii) Promotion of joint discussion of research based on ecological and genetic data for natural ecosystems; iii) Additional studies on seed dispersal English and seed predation; and iv) Generation and improvements on the writing of scientific papers in English. This Project will also generate teaching gains. An initial field day at UFSCAR will provide a training opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students. During a second visit to UFSCAR a workshop will be conducted mainly focused on providing ecological, molecular and statistical tools that were utilized during the development of the Project. Finally, we will also deliver seminars at UFSCAR and UF to disseminate fingings of the proposed research to university audiences. (AU)

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(Referências obtidas automaticamente do Web of Science e do SciELO, por meio da informação sobre o financiamento pela FAPESP e o número do processo correspondente, incluída na publicação pelos autores)
MARTINS, KARINA; KIMURA, RENATO KENJI; FRANCISCONI, ANA FLAVIA; GEZAN, SALVADOR; KAINER, KAREN; CHRISTIANINI, ALEXANDER V. The role of very small fragments in conserving genetic diversity of a common tree in a hyper fragmented Brazilian Atlantic forest landscape. CONSERVATION GENETICS, v. 17, n. 3, p. 509-520, JUN 2016. Citações Web of Science: 5.

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