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Pedro Augusto Munari Junior


Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCAR). Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia (CCET)  (Instituição Sede da última proposta de pesquisa)
País de origem: Brasil

Pedro Munari is an Associate Professor at the Production Engineering Department of the Federal University of São Carlos in São Paulo, Brazil. He holds an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics from the University of São Paulo. His Ph.D. Dissertation received the prestigious Doctoral Prize for the Best Dissertation from the Brazilian Society of Applied and Computational Mathematics. Dr. Munari has also held visiting scholar positions at the School of Mathematics of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), and at the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA). He has led numerous successful research projects with grants from funding agencies and has developed applied projects with several companies in Brazil, with a specific focus on Operations Research and Logistics. His research interests include exact and heuristic methods, with emphasis on the column generation technique, branch-price-and-cut methods, and decomposition techniques for large-scale problems. Additionally, he has made contributions to the field by introducing formulations and solution methods for challenging deterministic, stochastic and robust combinatorial optimization problems, such as vehicle routing, lot sizing, and cutting/packing problems. (Fonte: Currículo Lattes)

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