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Etelvino José Henriques Bechara

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Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Instituto de Química (IQ)  (Institutional affiliation for the last research proposal)
Birthplace: Brazil

Etelvino José Henriques Bechara, 69 yrs old, Brazilian, married, four children. BSc degree in Chemistry (1968) and PhD in Biochemistry (1972) from the Chemistry Institute of the University of Sao Paulo IQUSP). Post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University (1974-5) and Research Associate at the Biological Laboratories (1975-6), Harvard University. Full Professor (1989-2008) and Senior Collaborator Professor (2009-present) of the IQUSP. Professor of Basic Biochemistry for 38 years at the IQUSP, being ranked in the 10% top professors by the students. Full professor of the Institute for Chemical, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Federal University of São Paulo (2009-present). Visinting Professor at various universities, among them: Georgia State University/Chemistry, Düsseldorf University/Physiology and York University/Chemistry. Superviser of 33 undergraduate students and 30 MSc and PhD graduate students, and 11 postdoctoral fellows. According to the Web of Science published approx. 176 papers in peer-reviewed periodicals and books (15% Brazilian journals), with 5496 citations (~ 13% self-citations), h-index = 42. Research Fellow 1A of the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPQ) since 1980. Tens of articles and interviews published in regular Brazilian and international magazines and TV programas on science education. Full Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (1996) and of the São Paulo Academy of Sciences (2013), Scientifc Merit Medal from the Brazil Presidency (2004), Fellow of the Oxygen Society (1994), Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation (1996), Scientifc Merit Medal from the University of Viçosa (2011), Simão Mathias Medal from the Brazilian Chemical Society (1997), Award from the Brazilian Association of Paints Industries (2000), Fritz Feigl Award from the São Paulo Chemistry Council, 2011 Best publication from the IQUSP. Rheimboldt-Hauptmann Award (2017). Co-founder, Treasurer, General Secretary, Vice-President, President and Councilor of the Brazilian Chemical Society - SBQ. Councilor of the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science - SBPC (2012-present). Consultant for Real Café do Brasil, Atlantis, Rener-Dupont, Chlorox, Nitro Química and CETREL-Odebrecht. Co-founder and President of the Association for Protection of the National Park of Emas (GO, Brazil). Collector and consultant for Naif Art. Principal scientific and technological contributions on chemiluminecence and beetle bioluminescence, peroxides, peroxynitrite and peroxidases, free radicals in biomedicine, lead poisoning, porphyrias, alpha-oxoaldehydes, mitochondrial damage, corrosion of cars by dragonflies. (Source: Lattes Curriculum)

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Academic Publications

(References retrieved automatically from State of São Paulo Research Institutions)

VELOSA, Adriana Correia de. Estudo de sondas supressoras de quimioluminescência biológica.  70 f. Dissertação (Mestrado) -  Instituto de Química.  Universidade de São Paulo (USP).  São Paulo.  (00/10020-9

CARDOSO, Vanessa Eid da Silva. Ritmo biologico para as concentrações de fluor no plasma em humanos. Tese (Doutorado) -  Instituto de Biologia.  Universidade Estadual de Campinas.  (04/09991-0

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