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Uncertainty management in innovation activities

Brazil in space: Astrophysics and Engineering

São Paulo Metropolitan Area, jointly tracking climate change and air quality - METROCLIMA-MASP

Reducing sedentary time in clinical populations: the take a stand for health study

Built environment, physical activity and nutritional status in adults: a longitudinal study

Predictors of severity and new treatments for bone marrow neoplasias

Evaluation, recuperation, and conservation of endangered animal species from the Pernambuco Centre of Endemism

Youth vulnerabilities to STI/HIV and to dating violence: evaluating a human rights based psychosocial intervention

The chaperome: study of the relationship of the structure of its components and the maintenance of proteostasis

Studies about the biogenesis and composition of the Leishmania spp. ribonucleoprotein complex and its regulation

Neural, hormonal and nutritional control of autophagy

UK-Brazil joint centre for arbovirus discovery, diagnosis, genomics and epidemiology (CADDE)

Computational methods in optimization

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