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Decision support for the supply of ecosystem services under global change: Brazilian effort (DecisionES - BR)

Enzymatic mechanisms from the microbiome of aquatic herbivores for depolymerization and metabolism of complex carbohydrates

High-speed strategic internet technologies

Microbial biobanks: promoting innovations for scientific research and technological development (MicroBioBank)

Insect biodiversity in an Amazon tropical forest: species richness, vertical structure and faunistic turnover

Development of ceramics scaffolds for application in tissue engineering

Individual variation in malaria risk: causes and consequences in Amazonian populations

Development of parasite treatment in fish with nanoparticles: a technology-applied approach

Transparency in the Brazilian production chains of agricultural export commodities: a holistic study of elemental and isotopic fingerprints

Linear free energy relationships in asymmetric catalysis

SPIRA-BM: biomarkers for respiratory conditions on mobile devices using audio analysis with artificial intelligence

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