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Evaluation of the water erosion, chemical and mechanical of sandstones and mudstones: a contribution to the geomorphological evolution of the watershed of the river Corumbataí (SP-Brazil)


The erosion are essential to understanding the evolution of continental landscape. The action of these processes results in products that are the basis for the development of human activities, so that all available tools should be used in their evaluation. In this context, this projet intends to perform the evaluation and comparison of rates of erosion, chemical and mechanical between sandstones and mudstones and their implications on the geomorphological evolution of the Corumbataí River basin (SP). For this, we selected two sub-basins with these lithological compositions, and the basins of the Monjolo Grande and Jacutinga streams, respectively. The interaction between rates of erosion, mechanical and chemical weathering processes and indicate the predominance of the formation processes or soil loss between sandstones and mudstones and its implication in understanding the evolution of geomorphological of the Corumbataí River basin. (AU)