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Experimental interaction science


In the present initiative we aim at the characterisation of an emerging research area, development of experiments in order to clarify relevant aspects of this research area, and identification of potential practical uses of the obtained results. The specific research area - heretofore coined Experimental Interaction Science - results from the convergence of previously disjoint research traditions, observed in Computer Science and in Economics, among other areas of scientific knowledge. Experimental Interaction Science refers to methods and techniques for the design, implementation and analysis of empirical models for interactive systems comprised by human as well as digital agents. The methods and techniques in use are grounded on the convergence between descriptive and normative scientific techniques. Our proposal focuses on the organisation of the theoretical tools for Experimental Interaction Science, as well as on testing these tools through clearly specified experiments, whose results shall (i) clarify relevant aspects related to the systems under consideration, and (ii) build foundations for the development of useful technological artifacts. (AU)