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Study of a vibration absorber coupled with a non-ideal oscillator


The progression of techniques for structural analysis and design, and the constant advances in the areas of materials and construction techniques, have enabled that are most often designed structures ever taller and slimmer and therefore more flexible and vulnerable to dynamic vibration. The objective of this work is to study the behavior of a structure vulnerable to the occurrence of excessive vibration caused by a non-ideal power source. To perform this study, the mathematical model of a vibration absorber coupled to an oscillator with non-ideal excitation is proposed. In numerical simulations, the non-ideal excitation should cause instability in the structure where parameters must be found to determine a chaotic behavior. An alternative to minimize these vibrations is structural control. The structural control basically promotes changes in stiffness and damping of the structure, either by adding external devices, either by the action of external forces. Can adopt various models of control, as the passive control, active control, hybrid control, and the semi-active control. In this work we will adopt the passive control by absorbing vibrations combined with projects active and semi-active controls with the objective to minimize vibrations and reduce the oscillatory motion of the system to a point or a stable orbit. (AU)