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Application of methods: evolutionary and generalized reduced gradient in order to optimize models nonlinear the accuracy of nutrition


This work will be carried out in order to validate the nonlinear formulation system, applying the new features of solver supplement GRM multiple beginning and Evolutionary method as nutritional strategy and mathematical modeling tool for broilers, allowing a lower cost and greater profitability of production, according to each stage of creation (Starter, Grower and Finisher), seeking: 1 Convenience - The PPFR (Practical Program for Feed Formulation) to incorporate, respectively, the two new features of the solver add-in, IBC multiple beginning and Evolutionary method, provide meet the minimum nutritional requirements, with profit optimization, more accurately; 2- Originality - Originality is that the PPFR program will optimize the feed formulations with multiple objectives and can be applied in research, teaching (undergraduate and Postgraduate) and outreach (nutritionists-makers); 3. Relevance - If confirmed our hypotheses, the concept formulation with multiple functions will be most appropriate to meet the concept of precision nutrition for broilers, according to different market conditions. Therefore, we believe that the project is rich in several issues of merit, by enabling a current and practical nutritional concept (Precision Nutrition) and now can be applied using the PPFR spreadsheet, concomitant with the PPM spreadsheet, which are opened and accessible (using Excel software, Microsoft), allow adjustments with accuracy and precision, the mathematical models adopted as decision support. (AU)