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Application of innovative features and techniques in the delivery of IT Professional Services, by SMEs, targeting exportation and fit to new international markets: research phase, considering two IT Services and the American market (U.S.A.)

Grant number: 16/15381-8
Support type:Research Grants - Innovative Research in Small Business - PIPE
Duration: August 01, 2017 - April 30, 2018
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Computer Science
Principal Investigator:João Contart Neto
Grantee:João Contart Neto
Company:Contart Tecnologia e Gestão em Informática Ltda
City: Santana de Parnaíba


The investigation subject of this research project is the adoption of new features (specifications, functionalities) to the services together with innovative techniques of remote delivery of IT Professional Services and its practical adoption, by SMBs, to compete in new international markets. During this investigation phase it is intended to compile a catalogue of necessary elements, and to recommend priorities, for the design innovation of existing services or entire conception of new ones, as well as the revision of their delivery processes. Such innovatives elements aim to grant the full fit of the product and its productive processes to exportation. The idea is to organize the research so that its results can be applied at CTGI itself but also to be published so that any small and medium businesses (SMBs) can benefit from them. In order to strict the scope of this research, CTGI chose the American market (the U.S.A.) and two services: (1) Softwares Development Services, and (2) Database and Application Infrastructure Administration. Such choice is based on three important aspects: one is the set of official reports and news that indicate, in the chosen Market and subjects, a great lack of professionals and a growing expected demand in the next years, indicating the existence of an important market for the analyzed services. The second is that CTGI has sounding experience and assets that are available to support this research. CTGI counts more than fifteen (15) years of experience in this area. The third is that Brazil is experiencing a workforce surplus, with lots of qualified workers available, that can fulfill this demand. The results of this research will enable the establishment of a knowledge base that could be used to support additional researches or even grant immediate use on adjacents services or areas. Although Brazil already has some companies exporting services - Stefanini, CT&I, TOTVS and IBM Brazil among others - that are well positioned in the international market, we have to consider that the internationalization knowledge is not structured and easily accessible for small and medium companies (SMBs). Even if we consider the support of agencies like Sebrae, Softex, Apex and others, and especially when we consider the specificities of the service market and, more strictly, of IT Services, there is an important gap. This research aims to contribute to reduce this deficit. To develop the research, the team will apply a qualitative methodology consisting of theoretical and practical components: the bibliographical revision, the collection and analysis of available indicators, the launching of hypotheses and its tests, the field research and finally the compilation of the Innovations Catalog, the recommendation of priorities and the design of the innovated macro processes. To be able to cover all the stages of the chosen methodology, the efforts will be restricted to two (2) IT services and focus in the American market, delimiting the research scope and granting its viability. At the end of the research phase, the project will publish the list of innovations enumerating the set of innovative techniques that can be incorporated to the service delivery processes, as well as the innovative features of the services, for the new market. These techniques will form the Innovations Catalogue. Also, a proposed model that incorporates these techniques to the delivery processes will be represented, by means of innovated macro processes, described in BPMN. And, finally, the team will produce an article (paper) describing the work and conclusions, available to be published or reported in technical congresses. (AU)