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Conservation and sustainable use of the plant biodiversity from the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest: chemical diversity and prospecting for potential drugs

Grant number: 98/05074-0
Support type:BIOTA-FAPESP Program - Thematic Grants
Duration: December 01, 1998 - November 30, 2004
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Chemistry - Organic Chemistry
Principal researcher:Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani
Grantee:Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani
Home Institution: Instituto de Química (IQ). Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). Campus de Araraquara. Araraquara , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Massayoshi Yoshida ; Massuo Jorge Kato
Associated grant(s):03/02656-9 - Patent for the derivative of ethyl 2,6-piperidin-3-ol, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and a candidate drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, AP.PAPI
98/06275-0 - 1) Further antifungal amides from Piper hispidum; 2) Benzopyrans and prenylated benzoic acid from Piper aduncum: evaluation of DNA-damaging activity, AR.EXT
Associated scholarship(s):04/07061-6 - Isolation, structural elucidation and biological activity of peptides of Jatropha gossypifolia (Euphorbiaceae), BP.IC
04/07062-2 - Isolation, structural elucidation and biological activity of peptides of Jatropha curcas (Euphorbiaceae), BP.IC
04/01018-1 - Biosynthesis of the seco-lignans in Peperomia pellucida (Piperaceae), BP.PD
+ associated scholarships 03/11428-0 - Phytochemical study and study of the antioxidant and/or antiinflammatory activity of the species Machaerium villosum Vog. (Leguminosae-Papilonoideae), BP.MS
03/12669-0 - Study of the effect of processing on the composition of the anitoxidant constituents in tomatoes, BP.DR
03/11236-3 - Search for antioxidant substances in Lippia salvifolia (Verbenaceae), BP.IC
03/05512-8 - Planning, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of new antiinflammatory and acetylcholinesterase inhibiting piperidinil derivatives, BP.PD
03/01867-6 - Biosynthetic, proteomic and genomic study of the prenyltransferases Piper gaudichaudianum and Piper crassinervium (Piperaceae), BP.DD
03/00886-7 - Phytochemical study of Pterogyne nitens (Leguminosae), synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of natural guandine alkaloids and of potential antitumoral analogues, BP.DD
02/10222-6 - Re-study of Uncaria guianensis: search for terpenic indolo alkaloids with trypanocide activity and other constituents, BP.IC
02/09594-6 - Phytochemic study and study of the antifungal activity of branches of Banisteriopsis variabilis (Malpighiaceae), BP.IC
02/03475-5 - Study and purification of enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of neolignans in species of Piperaceae, BP.PD
02/07033-7 - Study of the metabolome-proteome of Piper tuberculatum by mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) and bidimensional gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), BP.PD
01/09598-9 - Phytochemical study of species of lauraceas, BP.DR
02/03474-9 - Search for secondary metabolites with antifungal potential in species of Piperaceae, BP.PD
01/10540-5 - Biosynthetic and enzymological study in Piper aduncum (Piperaceae), BP.DD
01/04113-7 - Conservation and sustainable use of the diversity from Cerrado and Atlantic Forest: chemical diversity and prospecting for potential drugs, BP.TT
00/12054-8 - Studies of biosynthesis of celastrol in callluses and cellular suspension of Maytenus aquifolium Martius (Celastraceae), BP.PD
01/01648-7 - Chemical study and study of the anticancerigenic, antifungal and antioxidant activities of Prunus myrtifolia (L.) Urban. (Rosaceae), BP.DR
01/03080-8 - Conservation and sustainable use of the plant diversity from Cerrado and Atlantic forest: chemical diversity and prospection for potential drugs, BP.TT
00/09743-6 - Study of the chemically mediated interactions between species of insects and Piperaceae, BP.MS
00/08904-6 - Prospection for bioactive compounds in species of Piperaceae, BP.MS
00/08217-9 - Phytochemical study and search for antioxidant and antitumoral substances in Aspidosperma olivaceum (Mull.) Arg. and Malouetia arborea (Vell.) Miers (Apocynaceae), BP.DR
00/07266-6 - Development of methodology in CLAE-DEQ for the detection and separation of potential antioxidant micromolecules in species of the Cerrado and the Atlantic Rainforest, BP.PD
00/07272-6 - Phytochemical and biological study of Chimarrhis turbinata DC. (Rubiaceae) and Machaerium villosum Vog. (Leguminosae - Papilonoideae), BP.DR
00/06699-6 - Conservation and sustainable use of the diversity from Cerrado and Atlantic Forest: chemical diversity and prospecting for potential drugs, BP.TT
00/04352-9 - Phytochemical study and study of the antifungal, anticancerigenic and antioxidant activities of Arrabidaea samydoides (Bignoniaceae), BP.DR
99/11738-1 - Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of Trypanocidal lignans, BP.PD
99/09808-1 - Prenylation in vivo and in vitro of cromenes present in Piper aduncum: evaluation of the antifungal activity, BP.MS
99/05927-6 - Search for substances in species of Tocoyena in the State of São Paulo, BP.DR
99/07317-0 - Biomonitored phytochemical study of Cassia leptophylla (Leguminosae) and of the relationship structure-activity of piperidinic alkaloids active in the DNA, BP.DR
99/05798-1 - Secondary metabolism in culture of Polymnia sonchifolia cells, BP.MS
99/06151-1 - Search for bioactive compounds in species of Lauraceae and of Myristicaceae in the State of São Paulo, BP.MS
99/00927-8 - Search for anti-cancer and anti-microbial limonoidal constituents of the medicinal plants of Cerrado and Atlantic Forest flora, BP.PD
99/01664-0 - Phytochemical study and search for bioactive substances of Styrax camporum, BP.MS
99/02258-6 - Determination of quinonamethide triterpenes and friedelan derivatives in differentiated and non-differentiated tissues in morphological varieties of Maytenus ilicifolia, BP.MS
98/16543-1 - Chemical and biosynthetic study of the quinonamethide triterpenes in Salacia distinta (Hippocrateaceae), BP.DR
98/16545-4 - Biosynthetic study of 4-nerolidilcatecol in Potomorphe umbellata (Piperaceae), BP.DR - associated scholarships


The main goal of this project is to search for bioactive compounds from plants species occurring in the São Paulo State, especially in the remanescent Cerrado and Atlantic forest. The screening of plant extracts by means of bioassays designed to detect potential anticancer, antioxidant, antifungal and antimalarial compounds will establish a model for further investments in this field in order to preserve, to study and to exploit rationally the remaining flora of São Paulo State. For some species selected in the screening, cell and tissue cultures will be developed to allow preservation of its germplasm as a reliable source of renewable materials. Undifferentiated tissues will also be used as an alternative source of compounds and for biosynthesis and regulation studies of major secondary metabolites. (AU)

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NOVOS DERIVADOS PIPERIDÍNICOS, COMPOSIÇÕES FARMACÊUTICAS CONTENDO OS MESMOS E PROCESSOS PARA SUA PREPARAÇÃO PI0305690-2 - Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) ; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) . Claudio Viegas Junior; Vanderlan da Silva Bolzani; Eliezer Jesus de Lacerda Barreiro; Newton Gonçalves de Castro; Maria Claudia Marx Young - October 2003, 08