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Numerical Analysis of Plasma Heating, Current Generation and Flow by Alfvén Waves in Tokamak TCABR

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Gesil Sampaio Amarante Segundo
Total Authors: 1
Document type: Doctoral Thesis
Press: São Paulo.
Institution: Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Instituto de Física
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Examining board members:
Artour Elfimov; Maria Virgínia Alves; Ibere Luiz Caldas; Josif Frenkel; Paulo Hiroshi Sakanaka
Advisor: Artour Elfimov

Thls work aims the determination of the best regimes and pâràmeters for the heating, current drive and flow generation experiements in the tokamak TCABR. The majority of the work done to choose the best modes and frequencies for operation of the antennas of TCABR is present in this thesis. In the second chapter the modern theory of Alfvén waves is presented. In the beginning, a baste introduction is presented until the derivation of the dielectric tensor with kinetic terms in first order, The dispersion relation for homogeneous plasmas is demonstrated, in order to introduce the following section which shows the mode conversion effect. Calculations wíth cylindrical geometry of the heating and the effect of minority ions in the plasma proceed with the demonstration of the presence of the Global Alfvén Waves (GAW). In the third chapter the twodimensional code is introduced. This cede was brought from the Universíty of Texas at Austín and adapted for calculations with the parameters of TCBR The main effects of the toroidal model are analyzed. In the fourth chapter, the theory and the principal results of the calculations of the pondero- motive forces are presented. The effect of the poloidal rotation induced by the Alfvén waves on neoclassical transport is also studied, The fifth and last chapter presents a synthesis of the results obtained along this dissertation. (AU)