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Astrobio no Lab: a new experimentational and interdisciplinar tool for science teaching


On the first part, we accomplished our proposal goals, since prototypes of the experimental kits were developed and tested, and also the teaching practices and the digital platform, all based on astrobiology themes were also accomplished, showing the technical viability of Astrobio no Lab. One full experiment were developed and testes in a real classroom with first materials to the platform. On this second part, we aim to continue the other 13 experiments development, emphasizing the commercial viability of Astrobio no Lab. To accomplish that, our products will be studied focusing on better production ways considering the materials used and processes, so we can find the best cost/benefit without compromising the educational goals, quality and durability of the experiments. The digital platform, we adopted the signature model for its functionality, so that the schools that buy one signature, remain with access to the materials after the signature deadline. The digital platform gained an prominent role in Astrobio no Lab, since it is no longer a simple complement to the experimental kit and became an essential tool for the teaching learning experience and fundamental to Science outreach. This change resulted in a better and deeper research on the development, inclusion and creation of new Technologies, materials and teaching tools to complement the experimental kits, and also in the creation of new materials on astrobiology. This way, Astrobio no Lab platform is a new reliable communication tool for those who search for contents, data, curiosity on astrobiology themes for both students and teachers. The platform development will then be divides in these three different paths: technology, educational and contents, and will demand professionals with programming, editing, design and education skills. As expected results, we aim to develop all 13 complete experiments, optimizing the cost/benefit ratio of the materials, producing the education contents and tools (simuators and interactive tools) for the digital platform, and finishing the platform. To successfully reaching these goals we will build three working teams: Scientific/Technical (to develop and optimize the cost of the experiments selected in the first part), Educational (responsible for the creation and development of the materials and content of the platform) and Technological (team with programming skills and a graphical designer, responsible to finish the digital platform, creating new tools and simulators). These three teams will work together producing the final product of Astrobio no Lab that will the be able to be commercialized and produce in large scale. This product will have a huge impact in LUCA's status as a company, and will transform the educational business, since we will introduce a new attractive product to change the way that students learn and think about science, innovative in both technological and on its astrobiology themes, and will give to schools a innovative way to teach science. (AU)

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