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Astrobio no lab: a new experimentational and interdisciplinar tool to science teaching


This project has as the main objective the research and development of a set of scientific experiments to students in high school and the final years of middle school. The astrobiology, science that studies the origin, evolution, distribution and future of Life on Earth an in the Universe, will be used as background to develop such experiments, given its inter and multidisciplinary. Also it is a topic that gives rise to curiosity not only in children, but in adults too. Besides the experiments kits, it is the aim of this project to develop a digital platform that will allow students, teachers and headmasters the access to the content, activities and evaluations results of the given experiments. The set of experiments plus the platform make the Astrobio no Lab, that will be the product developed to be sold in private schools. The Astrobio no Lab intend to supplement a current need in Science teaching, making it more attractive to students and arouse their curiosity in different stages of knowledge. The inter and multidisciplinary is fundamental in the formation of students today, being used largely in evaluation exams, making it beneficial to instigate this behavior on students. Another advantage of Astrobio no Lab is to reduce the distance between what is seen on the classroom and the everyday life of students. This way, the experiments will bring up the chemistry, physics and biology contents present on the astrobiology topic under consideration, showing a real application of the topics of their curriculum in the resolution of a real problems. (AU)