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Cellular and molecular aspects of vertebrate retina development and degeneration


The retina plays a fundamental role in vertebrate sensory perception. Its stratified structure, intricate network and diversity of components reflect its functional complexity. However, exactly because of this highly differentiated structure and its anatomical position, the retina is susceptible to a variety of genetic and environmental insults that result in pathologies affecting visual acuity. To elucidate the causes of such pathologies it is necessary to first understand normal retinal development and function. Thus, studies of retina embryology, structure, function and metabolism, ali contribute to our understanding of the processes involved in retinal degeneration. These studies, in conjunction with the analysis of animal model systems provide an integrated perspective of the retina and provide insight into the specific defects underlying retinal pathologies. In this proposal, three laboratories will be collaborating, using different experimental models to focus on different aspects of retinal function. We shall be using systems varying from cell culture to animal models as an integrated approach for elucidating the mechanisms involved in the establishment and maintenance of function in the adult retina. We will focus our research on: signal transduction pathways in embryonic determination, differentiation and apoptosis of the neuroretina; modulation of retinal function under normal conditions and after degenerative stimulus; gene expression and cell-cell interaction in light-induced or hereditary retinal degeneration. (AU)

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