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Using high-resolution images for definition of greenways in the city of São Paulo


The presence of green areas in cities brings numerous improvements to this and improves quality of life of citizens. The elements of vegetation urban contribute to reducing the phenomena known as islands of heat, decrease of floods and respiratory problems in the population, apart from exercising functions aesthetics, leisure and education. Meanwhile, the growth of Brazilian cities was not accompanied by an urban planning to lead this expansion, and reservasse for green spaces, such as the city of Sao Paulo. A city that has social and environmental problems, which every day help to deteriorate the quality of life for its residents and is seen as the capital of stress, pollution and violence. This project aims to evaluate different methods of obtaining physical data of the urban fabric of the city of Sao Paulo, through techniques of geoprocessing, for the definition of priority areas for the deployment of greenways, as well as comparing satellite imagery from different years, to monitor and study the development of green areas in the city. And thus offer guidelines for the creation of an efficient public policy for the green in the city. Thus, improve the quality of life for its residents and guide the city of Sao Paulo toward urban sustainability. (AU)