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Influence of lubricant contamination by biodiesel: analysis in a Pin-on-disk equipment


The oil analysis technique is a type of predictive maintenance, done by collecting an oil of an equipment and analyzing it later, or analyzing it directly in online systems. In internal combustion engines all the pieces have a predetermined life, with greater or lesser duration, according to the specific task entrusted to them. Functions, which in normal operation, meet the predicted expectations. By oil analysis one can monitor the conditions in these parts. The oil analysis can identify the first signs of wear on a component. The identification is done by studying the amount of particle, size, shape and composition, present in samples of lubricant, which will provide accurate information on the conditions of moving surfaces without the need to disassemble the parts which they belong. Such solid particles are generated by the dynamic friction between the contacting parts in the assembly. According to the study of these particles it is possible to relate wear situations and assign them to physical and chemical conditions. The oil analysis is done by means of techniques involving laboratory reagents, instruments and equipment. The Laboratory for Particle Analysis in Oil-LAPO has conducted several studies in internal combustion engines operating with biodiesel. So, to continue the studies it will be used PIN-ON-DISK machine, already built, to simulate the effect of possible contamination of lubricants by several existing biodiesel. For this it will be done a theoretical study on the engines, on the lubricant, on the problems and possible causes associated with these failures, the types of predictive maintenance applied to those on work dealing with predictive maintenance on motors made by other authors and some tests on PIN-ON-DISK. To help the studies it will be improved the PIN DISK-ON-existent machine. On this machine it will be used diesel and biodiesel from various sources. The engine lubricants will be contaminated by biodiesel, simulating a possible situation to happen within an internal combustion engine. Through the analysis of oils extracted from these tests it will be checked wear damage due to use of diesel and bio diesel. (AU)