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Testicular tumors in dogs: correlation between histological pattern and immunohistochemical markers


The study of canine testicular tumors and other changes of the male reproductive tract are little explored in literature. The testicular neoplasms, often are incidental findings at necropsy, or testes from elective castration. In humans aged 25-35 years, testicular neoplasms represent about 25% of malignancies diagnosed in this species. In dogs, cancer of the testis are described as benign, although they can metastasize or show features of malignancy with advancing age of the animal. However, the longevity of companion dogs and owners' concern for the well being of older animals, results in a search of effective diagnostic methods, and need of understanding the behavior of the neoplasm in this species. Based on the scarce literature data and the variation of the behavior in relation to cancers of the reproductive tract of humans and animals, and the likeness of testicular physiology in both species, we expect this project to expand the information about the canine testicular tumors, using markers to the histological classification for more accurate and better prognosis, since the simultaneous evaluation of different parameters and check the correlation between them can provide more significant results on the behavior and prognosis of the testicular neoplasms. (AU)