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Reproductive characterization and hybridizations of species of genus Paspalum


The visit of Dr. Quarin will be from February, 17th to 21st, 2014. List of activities are: an introduction of Embrapa Southeast Livestock center to the visitor, showing studies related to Paspalum that is performed in this research unit; making hybridizations under controlled conditions at the greenhouse of the Center; discussions about the mode of reproduction of Paspalum species (especially those of the Plicatula Group); discussions about the use of flow cytometry, for distinguishing sexual from apomitic plants and histological cuts of megaspore mother cell techniques for Paspalum species. A multidisciplinary team, including breeders, molecular biologist, specialists in forage crops and seed technology, entomologists, chemists and others will follow the visit of Dr. Camilo Quarin, enjoying his experience with the genus. (AU)