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Annual implementation plan of the installment for costs of the institutional infrastructure for research


The project concerned aims the adequacy of two Laboratories of Food Science Experimental Campus of Dracena newly built with funds from the Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesquita Filho". That space will house various equipment and supplies that are crucial for the Undergraduate Program in Animal Science, and it will serve as the support for the Undergraduate Program in Agricultural Engineering and Graduate Program strictly in Animal Science and Technology, recently created in this unit. The use of technical resources from the institutional infrastructure will be designed to adapt the local power grid, enabling the installation of various equipment for laboratory analyzes of animal and vegetable materials, of which have high demand, according to research developed on the campus. It is important to highlight that this action will benefit in various ways many teachers who work with the above mentioned courses in different areas, such as Forage, Food and Food Science, Biology, Ecology, Waste Management, among many others. (AU)