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Infectious bovine mastitis


Milk production in Brazil is around 17 billion liters/year received by the dairy industry and in addition variable quantities are imported to control price in the internal market. The low production of national herds is the result of limitations in genetic potencial, management practices, nutritional supply and health problems. In relation to this last factor, the disease causing the greatest economic loss in the World in bovine Mastitis. In the United States, for example, about two billion dolars are lost per year to this disease. The data from several studies report 40-50% of cows in normal herds had at least on infected quarter. We can conservatively estimate a total loss of 10% of milk production due to mastitis. There is a great need for research in this area to get self sufficiency in milk production. The mammary gland to attain this requirement needs special attention given to: a) the anatomical and physiological characteristics that affect milk yeld; b) the pathological, clinical, toxicological and pharmacological aspects connected with mammary disfunction and infection; c) the management and nutritional disorders that can bring changes in mammary performance and finally; d) the technology and inspection aspects so deeply concerned with milk production and public health. Therefore it is considered of primary importance to establish a research program to increase milk production in Brazil. This proposal presents lines of research centralized in the mammary gland and milk production. It will have a multidisciplinary structure bringing together technologists from several disciplines from the following departments of Veterinary Medicine College of the University of São Paulo: Departament of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health; Department of Ruminant Husbandry and Animal Feeding; Department of Animal Production; Department of Pathology; Department of Medical Clinic; Department of Surgery; Department of Animal Reproduction; and from other Institutes: Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo; Institute of Animal Husbandry of Agricultural Secretary; Veterinary College of University "Julio de Mesquita Filho", in Botucatu; Biological Institute of Agricultural Secretary; Extension Coordenadory of Agricultural Secretary and Agricultural Ministery. These Technologists will act by developing lines of research through individual projects with deep interconnection among the different discipline areas. This proposal is composed by 44 research projects. (AU)