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SmartPill - medication adherence monitoring and promotion solution with smart blister pack, mobile application and online system


This project aims to development a solution to help chronic patients using continuous medication to adhere to the treatment effectively, supporting them to take their pills at the right time and at the right period. For this goal, we will develop an application, a gadget and a flexible adhesive with printed circuit with conductive ink. The system works in a simple way, the patient inserts in the medicine that will be used application, that should be taken according to the prescription and the cell phone caregiver. After this simply stick the sticker on the back of the card and connect them to the gadget. Once it's time to take the pill the application triggers an audible alarm to the patient. Once the respective pill is detached from the corresponding circuit packaging that the tablet is broken and the gadget sends the pill position information and the time she was taken to the application. This project was one of the selected program Vai Tec the Municipality of São Paulo, which funded the successful development of proof of concept of the functional prototype requirements, as detailed in attached document. The technological challenges in this phase II are the development of a product prototype that meets the functional and non functional requirements not present in the proof of concept prototype performed before, planning a production process that allows its manufacturing and marketing scale, end application development for each user type solution and cloud software platform to enable future applications of data analytics on the data generated. (AU)