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Construction of emancipatory practices: action research as a way to mobilize community participation


Community participation is one of the guidelines of the Unified Health System (UHS), being understood as an instrument to foster social capital, strengthen democracy and expand citizenship. This study falls within the context of community participation in health counselors and strengthen their practices having for objective to apprehend the perception of health counselors in relation to its participatory process in public health policies through educational activities in workshops awareness as a strategy to strengthen community participation. It is action research, qualitative approach, which deals with the training of municipal health counselors and their achievement characteristics in health councils in three cities of the health region Cuesta Pole, SP, between the years 2016 and 2018. Analysis will be performed to document the municipalities and councils belonging to the health region Cuesta Pole and later sensitization workshops. After one month of implementation of the workshops will be held focus groups in each council in order to evaluate the effect of the activities worked with counselors. The discussion will be underpinned by the theoretical framework of the National Policy of Permanent Education for Social Control in Health System and liberating pedagogy of Paulo Freire. (AU)