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Studies on the kinetic dynamic chemoenzymatic resolution of alcohols and amines, aiming at the synthesis of enantiomerically pure molecules with potential biological activity.


The aim of this research project is to study the methodology of Dynamic Kinetic Resolution (DKR) for alcohols and amines, exploring the use of different metallic catalysts, enzymes and ionic liquids as solvent and / or as an additive. We hope to obtain the corresponding enantioselectively products in satisfactory yields and enantiomeric excesses. Thus, we intend to study and improve the methodology of DKR, which is a combination of kinetic resolution methodology and the use of metal catalysts, responsible for the racemization step.The importance of synthesizing alcohols and asymmetric amines can be explained, among other factors, by the presence of their functional groups in a large number of compounds with potential biological activity. In addition, we propose the use of the methodology in question as a key step for the synthesis of different potentially bioactive compounds. (AU)