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Electrocatalysis VI: fundamental and applied aspects of emerging and classical problems in electrochemical energy conversion

Grant number: 19/22183-6
Support Opportunities:Research Projects - Thematic Grants
Duration: July 01, 2020 - June 30, 2025
Field of knowledge:Physical Sciences and Mathematics - Chemistry - Physical-Chemistry
Principal Investigator:Edson Antonio Ticianelli
Grantee:Edson Antonio Ticianelli
Host Institution: Instituto de Química de São Carlos (IQSC). Universidade de São Paulo (USP). São Carlos , SP, Brazil
Pesquisadores principais:
Fabio Henrique Barros de Lima ; Germano Tremiliosi Filho ; Hamilton Brandão Varela de Albuquerque ; Sydney Ferreira Santos
Associated researchers:Denis Ricardo Martins de Godoi ; Joelma Perez
Associated scholarship(s):23/04297-0 - Development of nanostructured catalyst for fundamental studies of ethanol and glycerol oxidation reactions, BP.PD
23/04729-7 - Development of nanostructured catalyst for direct ethanol and/or glycerol photo-assisted fuel cell, BP.PD
23/04944-5 - Study of the Activity and Stability of Sn-based Electrocatalysts for Selective Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formic Acid., BP.IC
22/11732-1 - Study of the Activity and Stability of Sn-based Electrocatalysts for Selective Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formic Acid, BP.IC
22/07207-9 - Au and Cu-based electrodes superficially modified with functional molecules with alkaline and hydrophobic groups for carbon dioxide reduction, BP.PD
22/05016-1 - Investigation of M-N-C (M=Fe,Co) catalysts prepared with the TPTZ molecule for the oxygen reduction reaction in PEMFC fuel cells, BP.IC
21/13564-6 - Kinetic instabilities in the electro-oxidation of isopropanol on Pt and Pt-Ru, BP.MS
20/11947-2 - Designing electrocatalysts: from first principles to efficient green energy applications, BP.PD
21/14163-5 - Electrocatalysts impregnated with ionic liquids for the electro-reduction of carbon dioxide, BP.PD
21/03263-9 - Electrochemical CO2 reduction to C1 and C2 products on catalysts made up of copper complexes with potential dynamic behavior between Cu2-ligand and metallic Cu, BP.DR
21/01268-3 - Surface modifications of nanostructured thin films of copper sulphide: a novel approach to improve hydrogen gas generation and carbon dioxide reduction, BP.PD
21/01009-8 - Investigation of Fe-Nx/C electrocatalitic structures for the hydrogen evolution reaction in acid and alkaline media, BP.IC
21/01869-7 - Investigation of Ir and Ag doped Ni and Co selenides as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution/reduction and hydrogen evolution/oxidation reactions in alkaline media, BP.DD
21/00908-9 - Stability and activity of manganese oxide electrocatalysts stabilized by organic ligands for water oxidation, BP.DD
20/15632-6 - Synthesis of novel MXenes materials, BP.PD
18/10415-7 - Functionalization of Au Eletrocatalysts by Imidazole Dithiocarbamate Derivatives: Exploring the Molecular Junction as Strategy for Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide., BP.PD
17/00433-5 - Design and synthesis of multifunctional metal-free electrocatalyst onto carbon fiber yarns for oxygen reduction, and oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions, BP.PD - associated scholarships


The nowadays world fast technological development has raised the demand of electrical/mechanical energies to levels well above the capacity of their generation exclusively from sustainable/renewable sources. This implies that significant fractions of usable energies have to be derived from fossil fuels, whose consequence has strong negative impacts over the environment, one of them related to the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which is considered the main causes of the global warming. In this way, there is a clear need of continuously removing this pollutant from the atmosphere and of enhancing usage of net zero-carbon emission renewable fuels based on biomass, particularly in the case of Brazil, and of developing and scaling-up more efficient and versatile energy conversion systems based on photovoltaic, solar, wind turbines and hydraulic electric power systems. Consistently with this scenario, the main objectives of this project include investigations of electrocatalytic processes aiming at improving the efficiency of energy conversion systems related to (i) the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to "store" electrical energy and, at the same time, producing value-added products such as hydrogen, liquid hydrocarbons, methane, ethylene, formic acid, CO, methanol, ethanol, etc.; (ii) the electrochemical energy conversion processes on water and nitrogen electrolyzers and fuel cells, aiming at improving efficiency of converting electrical energy into chemical energy stored on carrier species such as molecular hydrogen, ammonia, etc., and vice-versa and; (iii) the electrocatalysis of oxidation of alcohols and other molecules and the development of solar driven photo-assisted direct alcohol fuel cells, focusing on improving understanding of basic and applied processes related to energy conversion and syntheses of value-added products. In all cases, different types of massive and nanostructured electrocatalysts and photoelectrocatalysts will be investigated. An important goal is to determine the parameters that govern the (photo)-electrocatalytic activity and stability, reaction mechanism and kinectic instability, for constructing innovative electrolyzers/fuel cells for the production/utilization of the different energy carriers. Seven experienced investigators, assisted by four laboratory technicians, form the permanent researcher team. A group of approximately 30 post-doc researchers and scientific initiation, master and doctorate students is expected to be engaged in the research activity, stressing the high priority of forming largely qualified human resource. (AU)

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Scientific publications (40)
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