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Complex species with potential for application in bio-organics, catalysis, pharmacology and environmental chemistry: conception, preparation, characterization and reactivity


In this project, we intend to improve and expand studies under development in our laboratory, initiated 4 years ago (Process FAPESP No 01/09127-6). Investigations on the structure and reactivity of metal complexes, involving essential metal ions such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese, vanadium or cobalt, as well as heavy metal ions such as ruthenium, free in solution and also inserted in different matrices, have been carried out by 3 research groups, in the area of Inorganic Chemistry, with complementary interests. The main goals for this new period are: 1) design and development of adequate methodologies for the preparation of several coordination compounds with essential and non-essential metal ions, and different ligands, with the aim of obtaining potential metallopharmaceuticals or new catalysts; 2) preparation and utilization of coordination compounds of iron and copper, in solution or inserted in inorganic frameworks, as catalysts for oxidation of pollutants, contaminants and industrial effluents by advanced oxidation processes; 3) preparation of lamellar host structures and their "nanoscroll" derivatives, with the aim of obtaining better catalysts for environmental purposes, or hybrid organic-inorganic materials with peculiar properties; 4) immobilization and/or encapsulating of pharmaceuticals and metallopharmaceuticals, in double lamellar hydroxides, and in natural organic polymers, with the aim of improving their pharmacological activity, decreasing collateral effects, and allowing a controlled release in the organism; 5) physicochemical characterization of the new prepared species, by using more conventional techniques as well as modern ones, specially ESI-MS, XANES, EXAFS and TGA-DSC-MS; 6) evaluation of possible biological activities of the free metallo- and/or immobilized-species prepared, in different processes of biological importance. (AU)

Articles published in Agência FAPESP Newsletter about the research grant:
USP produz compostos artificiais com ação antitumoral 
Researchers produce artificial compounds with anti-tumor activity 
Investigadores producen compuestos artificiales con acción antitumoral 

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