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São Paulo: Globalization of the Economy and Impacts in the Urban Structure


The research project São Paulo: globalization of the economy and the impacts in the urban structure is aimed at the development of an interdisciplinary study oriented to the assessment of the role of the São Paulo metropolitan area in the global economy of nowadays, and, particularly, to investigate its effects over the urban structure since 1970. The research is divided into two complementary parts. The first is oriented to conceptual analysis. The specific objectives of this part are to establish a conceptual framework to understand if the São Paulo metropolitan area belongs to a possible hierarchy of global cities, and to find out the singularity of its insertion. The second part of the research aims at assessing the urban impact resulted from the particular insertion asserted in part one. The methodological approach concerning the second stage is to assess the urban changes, through relevant social-economic and financial indicators, such as population growth and urban distribution, family income, evolution of employment, shifts in the tertiary and industrial activities within the urban structure, implementation of public infrastructure, growth of foreign direct investments, and qualification of services. Informations are to be organized in a gis base, aggregated according to the 96 metropolitan districts, allowing the generation of thematic maps. It is also proposed the development of a CD-ROM to present the main research results, as well as the historical process of the recent changes in the urban structure and the respective urban images and maps. (AU)