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Effect of controlled atmosphere on development of Monilinia fructicola and postharvest peaches 'Aurora1'


The peach is becoming a culture of great expression to regions of less rigorous winter, is no longer treated as an alternative and has proven to be an economically viable culture, as is already happening in São Paulo, in Jaboticabal with the use of Aurora-1 cultivar. The increased production of tropical peaches still hindered by a lack of technology for postharvest. Together with the lack technology has another major problem, the incidence of disease, especially those caused by Monilinia fruit and Rhizopus spp. Technologies used for storage for long periods, such as control of the atmosphere that have been studied for peaches grown in traditional areas in Brazil, have not been tested on peaches in tropical crops, as well as their use in disease control. So this study aims to establish the overall Technologies Laboratory of the Agricultural Products FCAV-UNESP the use of controlled atmosphere in the control of postharvest diseases, as well as the use of it, to extend the shelf life of the peach cultivar 'Aurora 1 ', stored at 12 ° C. The specific objectives are: 1) evaluate the influence of controlled atmosphere with different concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide alone in the control in vitro and in vivo of Monilinia fructicola., 2) Check the physiological and chemical peaches 'Aurora 1' when subjected to atmospheres with different oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations. (AU)