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Development of an integrator of information acquired by pluviometers, satellites, lightning networks and meteorological radars and analysis of precipitant systems in Brazil - Precibra


It is proposed to create an integrator of information on precipitation and some climatic and atmospheric variables to facilitate the investigation of local and regional meteorological and climatologically parameters over Brazil. The grouping of a large volume of available information, currently dispersed, in a single database will notably improve the knowledge on the climatology of precipitation, atmospheric circulation and the climate in general of South America and principally of Brazil. The deficiencies found in the estimators of precipitation that use data from meteorological satellites and radar will be appreciably minimized due to the integration and to the simultaneous use of data from pluviometers, satellites, radars, probes of atmospheric variables and occurrence of lightning. This data will be used not only in the development of estimating algorithms of precipitation which occurs over Brazilian territory, but also for the elaboration of a method of monitoring of the precipitation in Brazil that will be available for consultation in almost real time. Given that precipitation is the principal source of freshwater for South America, the execution of the proposed project is of extreme relevance to the country, since it is necessary to meet the needs of various management sectors of hydric resources that need consistent information on precipitation. (AU)