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Development of systems for hydrogen production and for the generation and utilization of electrochemical energy


The global objective of this proposal is the partial development of the several components of complete PEFCs, which in a subsequent stage should be integrated for the development of prototypes of operational plants. These objectives can be grouped in four main research lines: (1) Development, characterization and tests of catalysts for the reforming of alcohols and the purification of the hydrogen produced, with coupling of a reactor to a single PEFC cell of 5 cm2 (2) Scale-up of the process for the preparation of catalysts for fuel cells, emphasizing the formic acid method. This group also includes the development of Membranes/Electrolyte aiming at the production of new materials for i) the substitution of Nafion®, ii) alkaline systems and iii) systems operating at higher temperatures. Both materials will be characterized and tested in porous ultra-thin layer electrodes and in single cells to evaluate the performance, stability, homogeneity and the permeability to the sub-products of the reforming process; (3) Scale-up of the Membrane/Electrodes Assembly (MEA) from 5 to 200 cm2, This includes tests in single cells, design of the gas distribution system and characterization of the heat management aiming at characterizing the performance, stability, homogeneity, current and temperature distributions in the produced MEA. Evaluation of the effects of contamination with CO in large scale electrodes will be also conducted, together with the evaluation of the effects of the operational conditions, such as the temperatures of the cell and the humidifying systems and the gas pressures, on the performance of the system; (4) Research and development of multi-cells. This includes the development of multi-cells (four to ten cells connected in series). Modeling and experimental study of the phenomena associated with the mass transport and the heat management and fabrication of the peripheral units for the control of the system and for the current conditioning, aiming at the generation of alternate current. (AU)

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