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Visiting research program of professor Miquel Gonzales-Meler from the University of Illinois to the Department of Biology (Thematic project 2008/58075-8) and the Graduate Program in Comparative Biology, FFCLRP/University of São Paulo


The Visiting Research Program of the Professor Miquel Gonzales-Meler from the University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, United States, scheduled for the 1st half of February 2011, aims to strengthen the collaboration of Prof. Gonzales-Meler with the researchers and students involved in the Thematic Project FAPESP 2008/58075-8, "Mini-face experiment to analyze the effects of warming and elevated CO2 on photosynthesis, gene expression, biochemistry, growth, yield and nutrient dynamics of tropical forage species" in ongoing, coordinated by the responsible of the visit, within the FAPESP Research Program on Global Climate Change. During his visit, the Professor Gonzales-Meler will offer advising to students involved in the thematic project on isotopic techniques for the study of the carbon and nitrogen cycle, and in respiration, an essential part of the thematic project. Also he will participate, along with Professor Kevin Lee Griffin, of Columbia University, USA, in the course entitled Photosynthesis Respiration in Plants and Ecosystems and Change in a Global Scenario, which will be offered at the graduate level within the Graduate Program in Comparative Biology at the FFCLRP/USP and FAPESP within the climate change program with theoretical and practical classes. The training that researchers and students will receive in the course participants and researchers and students participating in the project will be very relevant and critical for the success of the thematic project in progress. In addition, during the visit will also be held contacts with other researchers and two other institutions of the State of São Paulo, with active research groups in the same field of knowledge. As a part of the visiting program, the Professor Gonzales-Meler will also participate in the elaboration, along with the responsible of the visit and the Professor Kevin Griffin, of a proposal to be submitted in the NSF-FAPESP program: Catalyzing New International Collaborations. (AU)