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Crustal and lithospheric mantle models under the Paraná and Chaco-Paraná basins by merging satellite gravity gradiometry, terrestrial gravimetry and geomagnetic and electromagnetic soundings


The goal of this study is to formulate enhanced geophysical models of the crust and upper mantle that can provide further insights on the origin and evolution of the Paraná and Chaco-Paraná basins, from the Cambrian to the Cenozoic, as well as to implement and test new geophysical algorithms for investigations of the lithosphere under intracratonic sedimentary basins. The present knowledge of the geologic basement under these basins is very poor because most of the lithosphere is attainable only by indirect geophysical investigations, above all if carried out by multiple methods. Through this work, it will be estimated new gravity gradient tensor data from ESA's GOCE (European Space Agency's Global Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer) satellite Mission, coalesced to models of the gravity and geoid field from terrestrial gravity data already acquired by several Brazilian institutes (IBGE, IAG-USP, UNESP, PETROBRAS), other satellites (e.g. GRACE - Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) and global geopotential models (e.g. EGM2008). The results from this phase will be used in the design of new gravimetric maps of the entire region of the Paraná and Chaco-Paraná basins, from the shallow parts (sedimentary basins) to the lower crust and upper mantle. New electromagnetic induction tensors will be calculated from geomagnetic depth soundings, deployed in a net with spacing of 50-80 km. These data will be expressed as 3D induction tensor models associated with the lithospheric geoelectrical pattern, and will be integrated to the gravity and geoid fields and other geophysical data presently available for the study of the Paraná basin. New electromagnetic induction data will be acquired by magneto telluric methods, in profiles and in arrays, deployed with greater station density mainly at the northwestern portion of the Paraná basin, taking into consideration the results obtained in the above described steps. These data will be used as parameters of geoelectric resistivity, phase and anisotropy, in 2D and 3D models of the basin and of the underlying lithosphere. Interpretative models of the basins will be proposed from qualitative comparisons of the results expressing the relationships between physical and lithological properties and the geophysical parameters obtained through the applied methods. (AU)

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