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Vertical cooperation agreements, environmental answers and the logistic inside the industrial companies of Sorocaba-SP


In the last decade a competitive improvement of the industrial companies was achieved, in part, due to the increasingly wish to importations which the valorized exchange rate offers. As a consequence, it has affected the contractual relations with institutions and local suppliers, having important impacts in the generation and diffusions of innovations, in the competitiveness and share of local value. In view of recent but expressive increase of industrial exportation, the importation replacement, the release of new products and facing the new exchange rate regime, this project proposes as a general objective, to subsidize, under the optic of the Transaction Cost Theory, the debate regarding the competitiveness of industrial companies associated with the acceptance of cooperation agreement client-supplier, new logistic operations and answers to the environmental demand. The research also pretends to promote the inter-institutional cooperation with the intent of sharing information and knowledge and plan the formulation and execution of new researches that allow interregional comparisons. Finally, there is a wish to fortify the segment of research entitled “Organization’s Regional Competitiveness” from the Regional Development Research Group. In particular, this project suggests to study the following phenomenon occurred behind 1998 in the industrial companies from the city of Sorocaba: a) Cooperation Agreements settled by the client-company that contemplates the transferring of technical and organizational knowledge to the supplier-company; b) product’s innovation and/or productive processes effectuated by the client-company and by the local supplier-company as a results of Cooperation Agreements; C) the logistic operations of the client-company and its local supplier; d) the given answers to the environmental demand by the client-company and by its local suppliers; e) the demand and the habilitation of administrational and technical knowledge of local supplier companies and f) the economical performance of the client-company and its local supplier. The project will be implemented in two stages, each one of them corresponding to a twelve months period. In the first stage it is foreseen the gathering of information of the client-company which will allow one to identify its main Agreements and local suppliers. The second stage will collect information from the local suppliers. The strategic and methodological action in both stages will have as an axle the questionnaire appliance and interviews with directors of client and supplier companies. Furthermore, data and information available in the internet will be used (SECEX, IBGE, SEADE, IPEA and others) and record cards which will allow a statistic descriptive analyses and non-parametric. (AU)