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Metamorphic characterization of the Aguapeí mobile belt and its relationship to metallogenesis of gold deposits occurring at Pontes e Lacerda region, Mato Grosso State


At Pontes e Lacerda region, western part of Mato Grosso State, there are a lot of gold occurrences and gold deposits that has generated along of a NNW - SSE mobile belt (Aguapeí Mobile Belt) formed during Sunsás Orogeny. Pontes e Lacerda region has a long gold mining history but its importance has increased in recent years due to operation starts of two mines and the running of other two. In spite of it there are few scientific studies about metallogenesis of gold deposits occurring at area as well as detailed geological information of region. This research proposal aims to define the metallogenetic processes responsible for gold deposits formation at Pontes e Lacerda region, with particular emphasis on the role of metamorphism as fluid and heat source for the mineralizing system. To achieved the proposed objectives this proposal intends to study the Aguapeí Mobile Belt metamorphism as well as gold metallogenesis of two deposits ( Ernesto and Pau - a-Pique ) who were selected as case study since they are hosted in different rock types and in different structural context. The proposed methodology comprises petrography, mineral chemistry, lithogeochemistry, fluid inclusions studies and isotope geochemistry, including geochronology as well as stable isotopes. As result it is expected a model construction of Aguapeí Mobile Belt metamorphism at Pontes e Lacerda region and its relationship to gold metallogenesis. This proposal is linked to Rodrigo Prudente de Melo doctoral proposal (FAPESP process 2012/17432-8 ) and the main reason to its application is due to necessity to get funds to perform high costs analysis, unable to be performed with doctorate scholarship funds. (AU)