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Identification of Bambusoideae species of monopodial growoth from IAC/APTA collections


Dr. Yulong Ding, Nanjing University of Forestry should analyze Bambusoideae species of monopodial growth (spreading) in the collections of IAC/APTA in natural leafing. This is important because, as bamboos seldom flourish, the observation of the vegetative behavior during different seasons is essential for the correct identification of the species. He must also attend a field expedition to the interior of the state of São Paulo, which is an area with great diversity of bamboo in Brazil. Taking advantage of his coming, will also be invited to attend the Workshop Plant 02 - Conservation and use of ornamental plants to be held during the III BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF GENETIC RESOURCES, 18 to 21 November 2014, in Mendes Convention Center, in Santos/SP. He will present a lecture on the topic of genetic resources of bamboos in China. (AU)