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Caio Prado Júnior and the world of socialism


In our work discusses details of Caio Prado Júnior trips to the socialist countries (Soviet Union, China, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Cuba and East Germany), his impressions of each one of those places and their influence upon him. The work also associates a Prado Junior to the debates occurring at that moment, reconstituting his dialog with different Marxist trends, such as Trotskyism, Titoism, Khruschevism, Bukharinism and Castroísm. Besides that, it shows his direct, personal relationship to important contemporary Marxists, his correspondence and dialogue with Brazilian, American and Latin-American Left Wing intellectuals. The relationship with the PCB and some of its leaders is also one of the themes explored in this work. And finally we discusses specific themes of CPJ set of ideas, such as the meaning of revolution, the role of reforms, of parliaments, of popular democracy, of religion, of the party (in general) e the communist party as a political instrument of the workers. (AU)