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Synthesis of binary metal oxides (Nb, Zr, Ta, Ru, Mo and Co) supported on amorphous carbon for the production of gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) for the electrosynthesis of H2O2 in situ in flow reactors.


This research project presents a new proposal for the development of electrocatalysts of binary metal oxides supported on amorphous carbon to H2O2 electrosynthesis by O2 reduction reaction. Within this scope, binary metal oxide catalysts are produced (Nb, Zr, Ta, Ru, Mo and Co) supported on carbon Printex 6L and evaluated using techniques of morphological and structural analysis (XRF, TEM, XRD and XPS) and electroanalytical techniques (cyclic voltammetry and linear sweep voltammetry) in rotating ring-disc electrode (RRDE). The most efficient catalysts for the production of H2O2 are incorporated into gas diffusion electrodes modified to be coupled in electrochemical cells and electrochemical flow reactors, with monitoring the levels of H2O2 produced. (AU)

Scientific publications (15)
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