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Development of alternative methods for fabrication of electrochemical paper-based sensors


Paper has been used as substrate to perform analytical tests for centuries however, since 2007 microfluidically patterned paper substrates opened up a large new area of sensing applications that have previously exclusively been available to microfluidic devices made from glass or synthetic polymeric materials. Based on the paper characteristics (liquid through capillary action, the capability of modification and reagents storage inside the fiber network, availability and large-scale production), this material is suitable for analytical devices fabrication. The microfluidic paper-based analytical device (µPADs) enabled to develop low cost, disposable and ecofriendly devices, that allows to perform analysis in developing countries, low-resource areas and point-of-care where lacking infrastructure and trained professionals. However, since colorimetric methods have been used preferentially for detection, the range of application of these devices it is not wide as it could be. Real samples have complex composition, hence the presence of species with similar chemical characteristics can hinder or even become impossible to qualify or quantify the analyte without of more selectivity and sensitivity analytical methods. In this sense, electrochemical detection provides a quantitative and alternative detection system for ¼PADs and can improve the performance of ¼PADs in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. Paper-based electrochemical devices (ePADs) were first published in 2009 and since then different fabrication methods have been reported using chemical reagent deposition and chemical atmosphere control for the manufacture of ePADs . In this project, we will try to fabricate ePADs devices without the need of chemical reagents using a laser to perform the paper pyrolysis creating devices without the need of chemical reagents and with low cost. In addition, alternative methods with the deposition of nanomaterials and metallic low cost materials are also reported for the development of electrochemical sensors in the forensic, clinical and environmental area. (AU)

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